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ENERTIME (FR0011915339 - ALENE), the French “CleanTech” company specialized in industrial energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy production, announces its industrial partnership with STOLECT, which is developing an innovative large-scale electricity storage technology based on the reversible conversion of electrical energy into thermal energy.

The process is based on a thermodynamic cycle that stores electrical energy in form of sensible heat, in the refractory materials that are heated to high temperatures. The energy is then released when the need for electricity production arises.

The storage facility consists of two chambers, one hot and one cold, thermally insulated and filled with refractory materials. These chambers are connected to each other by two turbomachinery units, each consisting of a compressor and a turbine. Air circulates in a closed circuit between these two chambers by means of the turbomachines and allows the storage and release of heat and therefore electricity.

The advantages of this high-efficiency and environmentally friendly storage technology make it particularly suitable for the large-scale storage of renewable energy. 

ENERTIME will supply the 1 MW turbomachines to be installed at an SNCF site in Rennes that stores 5 MWh of electricity. ENERTIME and STOLECT have also laid the foundations of a long-term industrial collaboration. The STOLECT project requires the deployment of advanced technologies for the design and manufacture of expansion and compression turbomachinery, which ENERTIME perfectly masters.

Gilles David, CEO of ENERTIME, states: "The large-scale storage of intermittent electricity from solar photovoltaic and wind power installations is one of the greatest challenges of energy transition. The technology developed by STOLECT provides a competitive solution compered to alternative technologies and demonstrates the potential of innovation in thermodynamics and mechanics to address the energy transition challenges. ENERTIME is successfully involved in this movement and considers electricity storage to offer a unique growth potential for our technologies. "

Jean-François Le Romancer, CEO of STOLECT, added: "ENERTIME is a key partner in our project through its know-how in the field of turbomachinery, which allows us to secure the technical aspects of components in the heart of the process. Moreover, this partnership with ENERTIME corresponds to our determination to bring together a network of French and European industrial partners for the technical and commercial development of our solution. Our ambition is to create a new European industrial sector in the field of stationary electricity storage to foster the development of renewable energies. "


Created in 2008, ENERTIME designs, develops, and implements thermodynamic machines and turbomachines for industrial energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy production.

With a portfolio of diversified proprietary technologies and multidisciplinary technical skills, ENERTIME supports its customers and industrial partners in the implementation of complex industrial solutions for the production of thermal or electrical energy. ENERTIME's ORC machines convert heat into electricity, and its Heat Pumps produce high temperature heat with lower temperature heat and electricity. Gas expansion turbines recover the lost energy in gas distribution networks to produce electricity and cooling. In the ORC market, ENERTIME is one of the four main players worldwide and the only French company that fully masters this technology for machines capable of producing high powers. (1 MW and more).

Based in Ile de France, ENERTIME has 33 employees including 16 engineers.

ENERTIME is listed on the Euronext Growth market. ISIN: FR0011915339 - Mnémo: ALENE.

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STOLECT designs and develops a solution for electricity storage in thermal form. The first studies on this technology were launched in 2014 as part of the “Concours Mondial de l'Innovation”, which led to the development of a first prototype of a high-temperature compressor. The project was also supported by “ADEME” and “Les Investissements d'Avenir” in 2016 for the preliminary engineering for an industrial-scale demonstrator. The company is also a winner of “FEDER Call for Projects” from the Brittany region, with financial support of 2 M€ for the construction of its first production unit.

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Gilles DAVID - CEO -
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Jean-François LE ROMANCER – CEO -

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